The Company

EACD is a collective, an abbreviation of the company registered name, Estate and Country Developments. The company took its first steps to independence in 2015, with the trademark   EACD Building.


Their focus has been construction, with the vision of becoming an icon in the local building industry for quality, process, and client peace of mind. They are continuing to achieve this, making it seem simple and effortless for their clients that want their dreams made into a reality. A worthy mention this their team because they are the best at what they do, from their tradesmen, suppliers and project partners. They all understand EACD's ethos and reputation that comes with being a part of its business.

Since its establishment in 2015, EACD has been a part of plenty of successful building projects and has maintained a continuous relationship with their clients well beyond the finish. Their clientele base grows naturally and respectfully. Achieving what EACD has set out to do from the beginning, to be an icon in the industry.

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Judah Pullyn, the company director, has worked hard to achieve his goals in life but also has a lot of people to thank for what he has today. 

Recently Judah and Kushla have been blessed with a son, young Harley. With the support of his family, Judah has been able to make the business what it is today.

Judah also comes from a family of builders dating back three generations. Since the 1930s in the North Island of New Zealand, his family name has been known in the industry for quality and fairness.

The Family

How EACD came to be.

Starting out. 1938

Clement Pullyn at the age of 15 starts building in Palmerston North under Andrew Barsantie.

The Brothers Beginning. 1949

Clement and Roydon Pullyn start to build homes together in Palmerston North New Zealand.

Pullyn and Sons. 1967

From the late 60's Robert, Brent and Anthony Pullyn all started to learn carpentry from thier father in Taupo.

The Start of 3rd Generation. 2007

Judah son of Anthony starts his apprenticeship with Brent in Tauranga.

EACD Building Commences. 2015

Supported and skilled, Judah begins his part of the legacy of the Pullyn builders